To drive innovational changes in education through teamwork and integrated entrepreneurial skills.


Educraftor is an educational innovation and development agency driving a number of projects relating to the future of education, with a focus on team, phenomenon based and blended learning.

We were founded in 2013 with the intention of being a central agency for a number of social and technical disciplines, Education being amongst them. Over several years Peter Fagerström, Founder and CEO, has moulded his vision and surrounded himself with a team of individuals dedicated to, and focused on the Evolution of Education.

Partnerships with a number of key players in education sectors have been forged, thus enabling us to successfully realise our vision for the future of education. Among our co-operation partners are the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland, the Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia, University of Turku Teacher Training School/Turun normaalikoulu and HUB Turku.

As a learning organisation, we offer a number of practical services to impart knowledge, from seminars to webinars, consulting and workshops. We believe that the main focus of school should not be on teachers, nor should it be on students, but rather on the process of learning itself.

Our vision will culminate in the realisation of a number of education incubators, Educraftories, designed to engage students, teachers, designers and entrepreneurs in the process of education. These action oriented learning spaces will create a supportive environment where innovation and collaboration are encouraged, fostered and actively developed.

Educraftor, the company, is facilitating the Evolution of Education. Educraftory, the facility, is the example of what that evolution could look like.


Changing the way we doChanging the way we notice. Changing the way we reflect.

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