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“Having Eduhack in Tampere in the autumn of 2017 was one of the most significant steps in launching Tribe. We definitely got more faith and inspiration for Tampere’s own doing when the mighty Eduhack team came to make a hack in our premises!”


Tommi Uitti

Tribe Tampere co-founder

what can we do for you?

We offer organizations the opportunities to explore their full learning potential through an innovative and forward thinking ecosystem approach. Our mission is to ensure that the evolution of education enables a positive transformation of global education systems.

Our highly experienced team-coaches guide you and your team towards stepping outside their comfort zone, as well as exploring new ways of improving connectedness, efficiency and productivity. By pulling together seemingly unconnected pieces, we help you to explore new opportunities for innovation.
Education is so interconnected that it is impossible to change one single thing without it having a ripple effect. Our experience is that by taking an ecosystem approach, you are able to consider all angles before leaping into action.
Regardless of your organisation’s structure and size, we will inspire and enable your team to take responsibility for their own productivity and process optimisation. We’ll guide you through the process of growing as a learning organisation where members of your team act according to a growth mindset.
Changes come from building the right team of people and for systems to change, you need relationships built on dialogue and trust. We’ll help you nurture and develop the change mindset required to bring about positive system changes in your organisation.

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who do we work with?

We have the privilege to work with a wide variety of partners, helping them to experiment with the evolution of education. Our “coach approach” is one that enables our partners to take responsibility for their learning processes and as a result, ensures that a positive change mentality is adopted as often as possible.


Our partners include ministries, national agencies for education, regional development agencies, municipalities and cities.

foundations & associations.

We facilitate your processes by coaching your clients or community members, offering outside perspectives and expertise.

schools & universities.

We help schools to experiment with and start changing their operational models through both long-term projects and shorter process changes.

private companies.

All companies benefit from operating in teams and using design processes to create innovations. We work with companies of all sizes to help them reach their full potential.

Educraftor is proud to be a member of the following organisations:

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who are educraftor?

Educraftor is the Finnish innovation and educational development agency bringing you the evolution of education.

In 2013, we started our journey as a central agency for a number of social and technical disciplines, education being amongst them. Over several years, we have evolved into a team that is able to develop innovative solutions that radically change the way people learn.

We’re on a mission to explore the possibilities of bridging the gap between school and work. We do this by giving people the power to connect, change and grow.

meet the team.

peter fagerström

peter fagerström

founder, CEO (ecosystem orchestrator)

Peter has extensive experience working in education, regional development and sustainable living as an Executive Director and Project Director, managing budgets up to €1M in both public and private sectors. Peter was the founder of two startups in Estonia before founding Educraftor.

juhani koivuviita

juhani koivuviita

co-founder, CLO (head coach)

Juhani has a Language and Pedagogical Masters Degree from the University of Turku. He has been actively working in Education for over a decade, reaching the level Headmaster before moving into program management and team coaching.

nic scott

nic scott

co-founder, COO (creative director)

Nic has worked as a Team Leader and Project Manager in a variety of sectors, including retail, construction, IT and finance before moving to Education, where he has worked as a Teacher, ICT Designer and Resource Developer.

elizabeth grokhotova

elizabeth grokhotova

business operations coordinator

Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management. She has lived and studied all over the world and brings with her a wealth of practical international experience.

Changing the culture of learning in your team can be a daunting challenge. Let’s do it together!

“It’s a perfect opportunity to discover new possibilities and to make education a better experience for both teachers and students.”

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